What to do with your Leftover Diamond Beads

Most people in recent times love to make their diamond paintings. If you’re among this set of persons who’ve fallen in love with this mosaic art, then there are a few things to know while you gear up to customize yours. One of such things is what to do with the leftover diamond beads.

Have you thought about turning them into something more beautiful? In this article, we shall outline some of the amazing things that you can do with some of your diamond bead leftovers, shall we?

Uses of leftover diamond beads

Looking to learn the uses of diamond beads? The following are creative ways to use your leftover diamond beads:

1. Turn them into a bottle craft

To do this, you only have to take out your diamond beads and organize them according to their colors. Put the beads in a bottle and create an amazing pattern. This is also beautiful as you can still go back to this bottle when you need your beads in the future.

 2. Make ornaments

Handmade or ornaments are absolute beauties to behold at any time. What more, you can hand them over as gift items to your children or kids around you. These leftover diamond beads are an avenue for you to get creative with crafting ornaments.

3. Turn Needlepoint patterns into little canvases

If you have patterns of needlepoints all over your house, you can simply have them turned into a recently made diamond painting pattern. These needlepoints are set up to fit the number of canvases that are used to make a diamond painting. Ensure that every color is well represented before getting started. Your diamond painting glue to come last as it helps you to apply the beads onto your pattern. As soon as you’re done, you can frame it in a strategic part of your home.

4. Decorate your accessories and belongings with it

Do you love to create tiny glitters and sparkles around you? Them you can make do with some of the additional diamond beads. It can be glued to your sneakers, your mirrors, and every other belonging you deem worthy!

5. Give your leftover diamond beads to school close to you

Not everyone is disposed to use their extra beads for new creations. If you are not cut out for making new items with your Leftover diamond beads, you can pack and hand them out to a nearby school. This is especially if you have them in very large quantities. Most teachers in daycare are constantly looking to introduce students to art items and beads are perfect for this purpose! Let them have the beads and also, put them to proper use.


Stocking leftover beads should be a wasteful venture. Allow your imagination to get active in creating innovative ideas. You can spot a plain belt and glue a few diamond beads on it. Make your home, your store, your belongings, and every other space sparkle with unique patterns of diamond beads!