What The Market Favorite Vanities Are Made Of

Every homeowner would like to have the latest, trendiest, and sleekest design of the bathroom sink vanity unit in their bathroom. These fixtures are incredibly popular in both the homeownership market and the interior design culture. In an increasing number of homes, owners are choosing to take out the regular sinks and install bathroom sink vanities. The advantages of vanity units far outweigh the cons, e.g., you can store various toiletries such as shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and eyelid brushes in a vanity. There are two types of bathroom sink vanity units: generic vanities and custom made unit designs. Let’s focus on the most popular materials used to build bathroom sink vanity units. 

Advantages of custom-built vanities

  • It is easy to pick out a design that pleases you.

There is no need to search for a vanity that meets your specifications. All you as a customer need to worry about is whether or not the company you hire can craft your vanity just the way you want it.

  • You only get the features you require

In a custom-made vanity, the features present are merely those the customer prefers. Crafting companies usually strive hard to adhere to all customer requirements.

  • Custom vanities are cheaper than generic models

The price tag attached to custom vanities depends solely on the type of material used to craft the vanity and the number and selection of features that need to be included in the finished product.

The best materials for a bathroom sink vanity unit

  • Particleboard

This material is perfect if you desire a cheap vanity. It is not the best option compared to the materials that will be listed here. However, vanities crafted from particleboard are still as efficient. If you take good care of a particleboard vanity, you will get a long period of service out of the unit. Such models can also be treated to leave them with a rugged wood finish.

  • Wood

This is the most common material for crafting vanity units. An advantage of using wood is that you can select a particular tree that you prefer for its timber. One customer may settle for oak; another may go for pinewood. Wood surfaces can also be treated in different ways to achieve a desired appealing finish.

  • Laminate

Laminate features on this list because it is affordable, while also being sturdy. Vanities made from laminate can be utilized for numerous purposes. In addition to this, laminate vanities have a strikingly appealing look. It is possible to purchase laminate vanity units crafted in different styles. Laminate is a highly cost-effective material; it is neither costly nor cheap. Not only do laminate vanity units add an air of class to your bathroom, but they also ensure you stay well within your unique budget.

  • Marble

Expensive as it is, marble is still in high demand. Marble vanities are preferred to other options due to its ability to bring elegance and glamor to a living space. A bathroom sink vanity done in marble is the ultimate luxury touch for your bathroom. Moreover, marble finishes are easily able to withstand the test of time.


Bathroom sink vanity units are an excellent choice of a fixture to add to your bathroom. Vanities enhance the overall aesthetic of your living space, as well as offering additional benefits such as storage space and mirror holding.