Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Install a Floating Vanity

Modern, stylish, clean, minimal are some of the first words that come in mind when thinking of a floating vanity. The list of arguments as to why a floating vanity is an excellent choice for any bathroom is quite extensive.

Today, we are going to share some of the top reasons why homeowners tend to fall in love with floating vanities. Let’s Begin! 

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Reasons why you need should install a floating vanity

1.   Accommodate any height

Standard bathroom vanities are designed to accommodate people that fall in the average height category. However, so many of us are well above or lower than those widely accepted standards.

On the other hand, a floating vanity can be set at any height. That is one of its many advantages that they hold over standard bathroom vanities.

2.   Easier maintenance

Anyone that has ever cleaned a bathroom knows how difficult it is to clean the bottom of the bathroom vanity. Often it is the most difficult chores in the bathroom. Cosmetic and other hygiene products, along with mildew, dirt, loose hair, tend to build upon the surface.

Floating vanity set at the right height makes it easy to clean both its top, sides, as well as its bottom. With a few swipes of your mop, you can clean underneath the bottom.

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3.   Customizable and adaptable

Not only they require less space, which is excellent for small bathrooms, but they are very customizable as well. Many individual compartments can be installed in various arrangements, depending on your preferences and personal taste. 

4.   It makes the bathroom appear bigger than it is

Floating vanity allows the flooring to spread from wall to wall. That alone makes the bathroom look bigger than it is. This can be a nice little trick if you have a small bathroom, and you wouldn’t mind an illusion that it is bigger than it is. Then there is the little room under the floating vanity. That space can be utilized by storing a scale or a wastebasket.

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5.   Floating vanity is a perfect match with radiant heating

A floating vanity can maximize the warmth coming from radiant heating, and that’s a fact. Often, even the contractors that install the radiant heating insist on using a floating vanity to prevent overheating.

6.   It puts the tilework on display

A floating vanity doesn’t cover as much space as a standard one. That means more of your porcelain or marble gets to be displayed. 

7.   Easy to style

There is no limit on how to decorate a floating vanity. You can add all sorts of accessories such as pretty knick-knacks, small baskets, flower vases, scented candles, a vintage tray holding perfume bottles, and so on. The only limit is your imagination and personal preferences. 

In Conclusion

Last but not least, don’t bother driving from one to another store to find the perfect floating vanity. You can do that and also consider the help the internet can offer you. You can check out an excellent selection of all types of floating vanities, including a huge pallet of bunnings vanity. Simply click, scroll, find, and buy – all that from the comfort of your home.