Tips to Install Teardrop Mirrors

Teardrop mirrors are mirrors usually come up in shape of drops but now there are many other shaped mirrors are also known as teardrop mirror. These mirrors are used to decorate the walls in simple but elegant way.

The placement of a teardrop mirror seems to be an easy task, but many small factors can make or break their aesthetics without your notice.

People who don’t pay much attention to the mirror’s installation cannot get the desired results. As there are no strict rules above the placement of these rules, you might fail to understand which factors to consider.

In this article, you’ll learn a few essential tips about teardrops that will ultimately turn the table of your home interior. So, if you are ready to try something different, read the information below!

Tip#1 Choose The Right Mirror’s Place

Your room interior will look completely different just by changing the mirror’s location. But how to find the right place for your mirror?

Visibility is the most important factor you should consider when deciding the place of mirrors. Do not hide your mirrors in any corner or on a wall that is rarely seen by anyone. Make sure to choose a place that is visible from the entrance (home, room), kitchen, or bathroom.

Tip#2 Correctly Measure the Size of Wall Space

The size of the mirror also plays a huge role in its installation and appearance as there are countless different size options; it’s difficult to find which one is best for your wall.

So, to get to the most appropriate mirror size, measuring the available space on the wall is better. Make sure the wall has enough room for the mirror to stand out and show its style. The group or multiple mirrors of different shapes and sizes for large walls are highly recommended.

Tip#3 Clean the Wall to Install Mirrors

Usually, the mirror installation doesn’t have anything to do with the wall cleaning. However, unlike other decoration pieces, you can’t remove the mirrors too often for cleaning. It’s better to install them on a clean wall.

Tip#4 Decide The Position of Your Mirror in Advance

As mentioned above, the mirror size and style greatly depend on their position. So, rather than irrationally ordering the mirror and then deciding their position is not a good idea. So, to choose the best mirror for your wall, it’s important to decide its position in advance.

Tip#5 Use Strong Adhesive for Mirror’s Installation

There are two ways to install mirrors; drilling or adhesives. If you are choosing the second option, carefully choose the adhesive. Most people choose mild adhesives for wall protection, which is highly likely that the mirror will fall.

You should keep in mind that strong and mild adhesives will ruin your wall paint. So, you shouldn’t risk your mirrors because they are expensive just because of your lack of knowledge.

The Bottom Lines

The teardrop mirrors are much better than many other wall pieces as they are affordable, give a decent look, increase aesthetics, and are easy to clean. So, if these mirrors are also your first choice, don’t forget the above-listed tips when installing the mirrors.

The tips are just too safe for your time and cost to provide you with the best experience. You can visit Alibaba for the teardrop mirror collection that is much more extensive than any other online store.