Things to Consider Before Buying a Garden Hose

Buying a garden hose became a very easy and cheap process ever since some companies started making hoses with more features. Now, you can get your hose and hose reels with free shipping services.

Always endeavor to research so well about the product you want to buy, especially the garden hose to know if that’s actually what you need. All hoses are not the same, some come in bigger sizes, longer hoses, higher flexibility and they all serve different purposes.

Perhaps you want to buy a garden hose and you really want to know the features of the hose, stick to this article, it has got all that you need.

Garden Hose Features You Should Totally Look Out For

1. Flexibility

Before you go ahead to purchase a garden hose, you should know how flexible it is. It is your need that will determine the level of flexibility you will buy.

You should note that if your garden has areas that are narrow or there are circular paths in your garden, you would need one with high flexibility. Buying a hose that is not flexible enough for your needs can cause frustration. This is because it would always disappoint and remain stiff at the edges where you need a little curve.

2. Length

All hoses are not of the same size. Most companies might want to lure you into buying a long hose. You should just know that the longer length does not equate to a better hose. All you need is a hose that will fit properly and effectively serve the purpose for which you bought it.

3. Material

Except you have a specific material in mind, hoses produced with rubber are the best. Rubber provides the right level of firmness and is built in such a way that it would not break when twisted. It is also flexible, high-pressure water can flow through it without causing it to burst.

Rubber hoses have also been proven to withstand harsh conditions. You can use it for long hours under the sun without fear of melting away.

4. Hose Diameter

The hose diameter determines the amount of water that flows through the hose per minute. It is also an important consideration before buying the garden hose. You should know the right diameter you need and then go for it.

5. Strength

You need to consider the strength of a garden hose before buying it. This is the point where you consider the burst pressure. The burst pressure refers to the amount of pressure a hose can withstand before it bursts. If you need the hose for a commercial job and tough jobs, you should go for one with greater burst pressure.

It is dangerous to buy a hose with inappropriate strength because when the hose burst, the water coming out with great pressure can hurt the individual and destroy other surrounding objects.


With the features listed above, you should be able to determine just the right type of hose for your job. Never forget to always carry out your research and go for exactly what works for you, rather than someone else’s recommendation.