How to pick the best tap for your kitchen

In developed countries, taps supply us with all the clean water we need for our daily activities. Many never even stop to think about how these systems provide us with the 20 to 50 liters of safe water that we need to drink, cook, and keep clean. Also, you might be a homeowner and you’re getting ready to set up the plumbing fittings in your new house. What are some of the technicalities you should pay attention to? We’re going to look at how taps actually work, and what to consider when picking the best tap for your kitchen.

How the best tap for your kitchen works

Let’s consider a typical screw tap. The water pipe is connected to the receiving end of the tap. The water is stopped in a chamber in the tap body, kept in place by a valve. When you open the tap, you are unscrewing the internal valve, which then releases the water which then flows out the spout. Kitchen sink mixer taps work on the same principle, but instead of one supply line, you need a hot and cold water supply connected to the tap. The tap handle will have a mechanism that allows you to vary how much hot and cold water flows through the tap, thereby varying the temperature of the water.

What to consider when picking out the best tap for your kitchen?

The first thing to note before picking out a faucet is to pick one that is suitable for your water pressure. If the pressure that will be supplying the tap is low, you will need to buy taps that can function with that level of pressure. However, if you have a high water pressure system, you have more options you can choose from.

Secondly, will you be getting a new sink or updating an old one? If you will be getting a new sink, you can easily pick out whatever tap you want, and then pick the sink with holes drilled to match. If, however, you are updating an old sink, the holes that have been drilled already will determine what kind of faucet you can choose. For example, if you have one hole, your faucet type would be a single spout one. However, if you want two spouts, you’ll need two holes.

When you’re done with those, you’ll then decide what material you want for the tap. Most taps are made from brass because of its durability. They are then plated with gold or chrome for an easy to clean surface. Brass is highly resistant to corrosion from water and can handle very high temperatures. Copper is another common tap material and it is known for having antimicrobial properties.

The last thing to consider is the form factor and finish. These are purely up to your visual taste because although taps may look vastly different, they essentially do the same thing. You have the option of picking between classic and contemporary. There are also faucets with detachable spouts that allow more flexibility with the flow of water.

Final thoughts on acquiring the best tap for your kitchen

So consider your needs and the style of your kitchen, and pick the best tap.  Once you can do this, then your kitchen duties will run smoothly.