Essential things you need to know about hose reels

A hose reel is a device used to hold water hoses or cables. It comes with a wheel-like component on which the hose is placed. The primary role of a hose reel is to enhance safety, easy maintenance, and correct storage of the hose. The market features several brands that bost of producing the best hose reel ever! However, before you think of buying the product, you must learn about some hose reel basics. 

Applications of hose reels

The most common areas where hose reels are installed are:

1. Gardening

The most common application of hose reels is in the gardening industry. One of the mandatory gardening products is a water hose. This product is used for cleaning other gardening tools and watering plants. However, managing and maintaining garden water hoses is not a walk in the park. Hose reels are used to simplify the process. Garden hose reels are used to store and maintain garden hoses used in gardening.

2. Firefighting

Another popular application of hose reels is in the firefighting industry. Water hoses are used to deliver water for putting off fires. In this industry, hose reels are used to hold the water hoses. Hose reels in this area are usually made from heavy-duty materials because of their complex and heavy applications.

Other applications include;

  • Military
  • Drain cleaning
  • Robotics
  • Offshore oil rigs

Component a hose reel

Below are some of the primary components of a hose reel;

  • The mounting plate- This is the part on which the hose reel is mounting
  • The mounting brackets- it is used to keep the hose reel in place
  • Cylindrical hold- this is the part where the garden hose is placed on the reel
  • Driving mechanism- this is the mechanism used to drive the hose reel
  • The cart- the part that hosts the components of the hose reel
  • The lock- it is used to hold the hose in place when using it

How to use a hose reel

Below are steps for using a hose reel

1. Pull the hose from the reel

Whether you are using a manual or automatic retractable hose reel, the first step remains the same. Then, all you have to do is tug on the hose reel until you achieve your desired length.

2. Activate the lock

Once you have pulled out enough of the hose reel and ensured that you can effortlessly cover the application area, the next thing to do is activate the lock. The role of the lock mechanism is to keep the hose reel from retracting back on the hose before you are done using it.

3. Get all the water out of the hose

After using the hose reel, the next thing you must do is ensure that there is no water left inside the hose. This will go a long way in helping you maintain the hose and the hose reel.

4. Deactivate the lock mechanism and retract the hose

The next step is retracting the hose on the reel. Here, all you have to do is deactivate the lock mechanism and let the hose retract. Ensure that the hose goes correctly onto the hose reel. If at some point it gets stuck, you should tag on it and let it retract.


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