Differences between Water Hose and Pressure Washer

The confusion on whether you choose a water hose or a pressure washer can be difficult to figure out. Check out https://giraffetools.com/products/giraffe-pressure-washer-hose-reel if you want to see these products.

This comes into play when you need to clean some surface exteriors in your home or business place. You may choose a water hose as it seems like an easier option, but don’t be in a hurry. Here, you will find some highlighted differences between a pressure washer and a water hose.

Differences between Water Hose and Pressure Washer

Are there differences between a water hose and a pressure washer? Which of them is the best for getting rid of oil spots and hard gums for sidewalks, garages, and car parks?

1. Energy/Power

Pressure washers, unlike water hoses, always need an energy source before they can function. Depending on the model of pressure washer you’re using, you may need gasoline, rechargeable batteries, or electrical sources. Some pressure washer units also use part of the provided energy to enhance the kind of result it produces, by heating water to boost the level of pressure.

Also, while they are both types of equipment for spraying water, only a pressure washer will clean your parking garages in the way you desire most. A water hose, on the other hand, doesn’t provide the amount of pressure required to clean up stubborn stains from a surface.

2. Water Capacity

While using a pressure washer, you will notice that it only uses about 1/5 water just like a water hose. This is one main advantage of having a pressure washer that helps you to save sewer and water costs. Also, since the amount of moisture needed is less, it means that the likelihood of dangers and harm happening to your foundation is minimal.

In essence, a pressure washer is most useful if you are dealing with fragile and didn’t materials.

3. Cost

If you are to purchase a high-quality pressure washer, you should expect to pay a higher amount as opposed to paying only $25 for a water hose. Nonetheless, a pressure washer completes the task in a matter of time regardless of what you’re using it for.

4. Abilities

Certain pressure washers are known to increase the level of pressure by 50 times; this attribute makes it easy to remove hard stains that water hose cannot get rid of. Some examples of these stains include algae, oil stains, chewing gum, and mildew.

Pressure washers are known to have tendencies of causing more danger than a water hose. This means that while a novice can handle a water hose, only an expert is allowed to use a pressure washer, of course with the right protective gear.

Final Thoughts

If you own a car, you can use either the pressure washer or a water hose to wash it. However, one of them is a better option, depending on the type of surface and quality of stain you want to clean off. Ensure to consult a professional if you’re confused about how to go ahead with your pressure washing.