All you should know about wall stickers

Either you call it a wall sticker or a wall decal, they both serve the same function. What function does a wall sticker perform, and why should I get one? In the course of this article, we shall discuss what wall stickers do, what to consider when selecting one, and how to care for them.

The Importance of Wall Stickers

  1. Affordable and Durable Decoration:Wall stickers are highly affordable and can last long. Its affordability might be a result of its removability.
  2. Easy to stick and economical:Wall stickers are not only affordable but also economical. You could purchase your wall sticker and paste it without hiring the services of painters or interior decorators.
  3. No Litter:Unlike paint, wall stickers leave no litter behind at the site of installation. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up after putting your wall sticker up, neither do your furniture need protection.
  4. You can apply your wall sticker anywhere: There is no need to worry about the rest of the house once the living room has its wall sticker. Bathrooms, Kitchens, Office, rooms, you name it, can all have wall stickers beautifying them.
  5. Smooth Removal: Removing a wall sticker from its original position is no hassle. Unlike any other decorative material like paint, you can peel your wall sticker off without leaving a mark behind.

Things to Consider when Selecting a Wall Sticker

Your stickers muraux is not something you should pick at random. When selecting a wall sticker, you must keep the following in mind;

  1. Material and Location:

– For nursery and children’s rooms, only stickers with lead-free, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free, and phthalate free labels are safe.

– To avoid damage to your walls while removing your wall stickers, use a wall sticker with a residue-free adhesive. In the same vein, outdoor and glossy vinyl materials should not be put inside the house.

In terms of location;

– Large wallpapers should be put in living rooms.

– Bathroom walls should be dry and not humid so the wall sticker can firmly stick to the walls.

Generally, choose your wall sticker according to the size of the wall.

  1. Carefully think about the mood you would like your wall sticker to set.
  2. Use your home interior decoration as a reference point: To get this aspect right, you could check a sample sticker with your home interior, or you could ask for the advice of an expert.
  3. Choose an appropriate sticker type that suits your needs. Your sticker type could be reusable, peel-and-stick, adhesive self-transfer, or non-adhesive self-transfer.

Care for your Wall Stickers

Avoid using hard materials containing ammonia and abrasives as they can damage your wall sticker. Instead, in cleaning your wall sticker, use a sponge with cold water or a sifting cloth.

You cannot reuse a wall sticker. This is because the adhesive qualities begin to come off after using it for the first time. However, you can preserve your wall stickers. You can do this by attaching the adhesive side to a freezing or wax paper.


Deciding on a wall sticker can indeed be fun and tasking at the same time. However, you have no cause for alarm anymore, as this article shall be your guide. It will direct you in making the right choice and keep your wall stickers looking fresh.