Jim WilliamsMy sense of aesthetics comes originally from the many summers I spent helping my dad create rooms, stone walls, and country gardens. Later, improvements to my own homes have served to further my understanding of aesthetics and its impact on daily living. Stone and plaster, cherry and knotty cedar contributed to my appreciation of pattern and texture. Interior decorating enhanced my understanding of light and color.

One of my homes was a small lake-font cottage that became my favorite because of its beautiful sunsets. Another was a Victorian farm house that needed and got a thorough make over. That renovation led to an appreciation of the role history plays in one's understanding of aesthetics. My design expertise comes from these experiences, from studying other people's web designs, from sharing ideas with artists, and from taking some art courses.

My expertise in computer graphics comes partly from an understanding of the underlying mathematical algorithms, but mostly from lengthy practice in using graphics editors to correct defects in my own photographs and in interesting images I found on the web.

My many years working in information security provided the opportunity to learn HTML, databases, and JavaScript. Later, I learned PHP on my own, due to the need to move beyond HTML and JavaScript in my own web designs. You can read about my information security biography at my other website.

Now I am putting together these influences from my past to launch a web design business.

Jim Williams


Whether you are running a business, are a marketing director, or are selling a home, your product has a story to tell, a story better told with its own custom web design conveying its own character and lifestyle.

Traditionally, proprietors sell products directly to customers.  Just as often these days, products introduce customers to proprietors via product-first marketing over the internet.  J. G. Williams Design emphasizes this second activity.

Notice how the fonts, colors, and general layout reflect the product's essence.

Would you like your business and your products to be advertised in this way?

Together, we will create a website that accomplishes your purpose, outshines competing websites, and avoids common pitfalls. Your website will catch the buyer's attention, share what they will most appreciate about your products, and inspire them to step forward.  Visitors will receive the information and impressions you most want then to have.

If needed, the website will accommodate smart phones and hardcopy printers.  Assistance with web hosting and advertising is also available.

We will first establish the content and scope of the website. I will present alternative designs, assuring maximum opportunity to stimulate desire for your products. 

The overall design will target prospective buyers, search engines, and if relevant, potential business partners.  The website's photos and text will be edited to ensure maximum readability for your target audiences.

This biography is a brief explication of how I came to be interested in the things that motivate web designs.

Whether you are a proprietor, a marketing manager, or just an individual with something to sell, I'd love to hear from you!